friday, myself, and brandon Keifer,
went to Satori around 7 pm to have
a chat. There, we met Ana, a new citizen of the United States : two days going: who had been in the USA for 16 years. After 30 minutes Rebecca Noel showed up to meet Ana. Rebecca invited Brandon, and me to go to Purple Cafe' with them. We joined them there. I ordered a peach flavored shiesha, and a NewCastle for just me. Three of us smoked (not brandon) i took pictures, and Ana read turkish coffee dregs. I supposedly have a monstrosity inside of me. Who ever know???

Saturday: I rode my bicycle at three pm to downtown mobile to get viginia reds and blanched from A|M peanut shop b/t on the block of conception and dauphin street. the heritage & jazz festival was being held in beinville sq. The music was not jazz at all. I returned, climbing oldshell road, after seeing my mother at a project house of hers on Myrtle street in midtown. At night i forget what i did, except eat icecream, pizza, and watch movies.

Sunday, today, my mother has brought home carryout from Carraba's, tomatoes and pasta for me, and soup (minnestrone?) for her. the time is variably 6:05 pm.



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