Supposed reaching a writing goal daily will help me to write better. I don’t think so. I should have a reading goal daily. I’m waiting for the morning crowd to leave Carpe Diem coffee shop. Call with student mentor in 25 minutes. Hopefully she has some answers to what to do regarding the recent change with c768, tech comm. I had been working on the third paper, .. actually started it after a week of floundering .., when I discovered the course had been somewhat altered on the first of September. Only two writing tasks now. The first is quite new, and the second is a redo of old Task 3, though significantly altered to where my current outline is not kosher.

I went to church yesterday. With Rico. He is a traveler on a Mission from God. He is dedicated to loving his neighbors. Could he be a hoax? Maybe. Though I do not think so. He seems to genuine, with his suicidal tendencies story, the cancer, how he discovered it, and so on. He ministered in front of a crowd of one hundred at Springhill baptist church. Fantastic. - I met Bill&Jaime, Bob&Barbara, and Lee. Barb helped me get my food. yumm! ham steak and cabbage. -Afterward I drove to the Belong meeting. It is tutoring for children that are hispanic. I met Paula again, daughter of a friend of Joanna, wife of Juan Torres, founder of Belong. She is somewhat cute, though maybe apprehensive towards me. I invited her to the spanish language meetup on Friday. I will have to call her today, and see about giving her a ride. She is 3 weeks out of Venezuela, staying for a while apparently. -Afterward I went to Satori, where a new poetry open mic has begun. Read something short just at the end of it, as I arrived. I will have to call Don, and accept being the second host so the open can be done twice a month.

This morning, in Carpe Diem, waiting for Lawanda to call. I will see about submitting two poems before she does.


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