How Would I Like to Spend the Next Five Years?

Exploring a many new countries, learning italian, french, and albanian to fluency, spending time with friends, throwing parties, treating my body and mind well, using sunscreen, loving myself, searching for my wife, or spending time with someone, traveling with a travel partner, writing short stories, writing a book, publishing poetry, getting my degree, drawing, getting drunk on wine, wearing nice clothes, eating at nice restaurants occasionally, making new and quality friends. Building my finances, credit, and buying an apartment or house. Buying a second apartment, living on or near the beach with view of the ocean, teaching English, working as a programmer for a year (saving money), adventuring, etc with Patty if we have time, doing a meditation retreat, taking a six month yoga course, body building, practicing the 5 precepts as I will, and being humble, though confident. Reading 12 books a year at least.


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