I appreciate the name given to this journal
by my past self. Lately I don't remember much
all is a moving painting, even the moment swerves.
Memory is liquid dry and wet paint. Changing shape
every instant it is reignited by the mind.

Since I will not remember this past weekend I will recount it...

It was on Friday that I drove downtown to Calaghan's in the slightly damaged and fixed white suburu. Mark was at Katie's residence in the Saint Francis building off Springhill. I picked up Mark and Stuart there, though first I waited for them to eat. There food had not arrived when I arrived.

We then went to Katie's residence, the Saint Francis building on Springhill. Katie was infuriated with her dog, Fancy Bell, as usual. Mark poured Stuart, himself, and me some knobhill whiskey, I mixed mine with sweet-tea. We hence left somewhat quickly, though mark dragged on upstairs, saying Fancybell had been blocking him from taking his cellphone.

I had been insistent on seeing Gallery 307, where Why (elizabeth wright) works/curates. So we made quick footing of the path, though Mark and Stuart cusual as always. I rejoined them after I entered and left Cathedral gallery on Dauphin Street. As we went, it seemed Stuart knew many people, including some out-of-towners that joined us. A man with a mustache and his latina girlfriend. He let us know that he had been accepted for a feature, and was auditioning for more. First that, then as we marched on Stuart was called out by a few too many, then highfived by a pedicab patron.

I eventually entered 307 and they arrived a bit later. I spoke with Why briefly. She was exhausted from the exposition, though obviously happy about the work she had done for it. It consisted of paintings, and paint reliefs done with handmade print rollers, that had the words ''libertad'' ''justicia'' and ''nacion'' on them. It was all completed by a cuban team of artists. Mark turned off the light to a heart object, and turned it back on. I said bye to Why, departed, and found myself at Grandcentral, where Katie was already drunk and Mark and Stuart were leaving in a Pedicab.

p {
text-indent: 50px;
katie has returned to drinking, is dating a guy in his 50's names Dennis, who talks to me about how he got her to go to mass, and is buying us drinks at grandcentral
just before this katie is dancing with a marching band, and dennis is worried she might go in the middle of it
and before that, kristen franklin, the girl who stalked me at murphy (or so i am told) is speaking with katie, and then i talk with her, she has a cool life, getting a doctorate and living in maryland
before that, mark and stuart and I arrive at katie's penthouse, and she is about to beat her dog as usual
so i calm down fancybell (she's only feeling vibes you know), and mark pours us some knobhill whiskey heavy drinks, and then we leave
that's it more or less
and lucy gafford was with us a grandcentral

Theres more. I saw Meggan Emily karaoking, and caught up with Mark again, though we tried the Garage, I just wanted water, and we departed at Saint Francis where my car was parked.


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