Everthing is the problem. My friend chainsaw's partner S.Halfhearted gave me a lecture during a safety meeting, totally interrupting that whole scene, and making all crash uncomfortably. She wasn't even involved in the meeting. She just wanted to chastise me for Why coming over , saying "Never invite anybody over to our house", .. " You are a guest, .. we don't need anyone over here, .. we love you" I will wait to get out of this familiar crotchhole of an establisment. I love everyone here, and even S. in a degree. But she is one of those people you can't really get to know unless your sleeping with them, or on some long adventure with them. Its been 3 years since i've 'known' S. and I seriously have no idea what her age is, where she was born, her likes, and whatever other personal trinkets. She's a lil bit of a mute. Now moving on...

I've been staying at this house here in Montana for 3 months now. Three awkward months. 'looking' for a job. I've gotta get the fuck out of here. Everyone except S. is family here. And you know how irritating being around family can get.



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