Located in a room. I saw my mother smoking out of a pipe. It must have been a hotel; there was a reception-like gathering going on through open double doors in a ballroom ax the hall. I attempted to go to the Restroom. Went in the WrRoom, went back out, then entered the MrRoom thru a 3rd sized door (narrow). Then i watched this guy as in a movie walking on the outside of the building (a huge castle ) having a bag. He passed a guy (who soon i saw coming out of a dream state ) who said something like "the devil's got ya" in a reassuring way. Then I got out of what i thought was a cab( which was a car with it's rearend on the drivers side) . I knew i was in portland b/c i saw a bike lane which i verified by looking at a hydrant. Then went into a small-mall/rotunda with a rounded cafe. Ordered a x-mas tree cookie. I was looking for a payphone to call you(sumi ) and get situated more, but instead went through a door into this OFFA THE HOOKA party and followed some guy through the crowd telling him " This is a freak-show meing, some good some bad, etc, land of innovation , etc.." . Came up on the end of the building going past neon- hangings (not words but neon drapes~) all these 'party' dressed youth's were scening/crowding it up in front of the exact back where 9 or so people stood behind bars (caged off) with play back ground scenes behind them. I talked to these two girls who i knew when i was a boy, and then kneeled down to rest my head in against some woman's naked crotch while she talked to me nicely. Then I went back the way i came and when i was realizing i was in a dream and knew this realization would bring the narcotic-return to firm-body which did happen as i thought it my power became weak yet i managed to call for help in low tone and grab a man's shirt, and take him into the state b/t dreaming an waking where i was in my bed inwardly, but this dream guy was still there rolling on to me, at which i spoke " Get off, get off". Then i fully awoke. (this dream took an hour and 30 minutes )


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