broken nose sort-of healing,
gotta call from crazy Avni,
from Burrel, drunk as ever,
fuck it, i told him i'd be back
in two weeks, but i won't be
drinking, which he doesn't know
yet, maybe i'll be staying
with Adem, paska qofte,
or whatever.

i'm willfully ignoring the
final paper for my degree,
at least until sunday, so
so so so so so so so so
i can go through javascript
videos and maybe learn
something soon enough,
fuck, i will attempt to find
a remote job either way,
and look towards internships
in tirana, though unlikely,
maybe english online,
i wouldn't prefer that,
but maybe it isn't traceable
by the tax man, cold streets,

i was really sad, you know,
for about a month, and now,
i'm still sad, but i woke up
early today, and i'm back
at the routine, so that's good,
and i will stick to it for december


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