2:44 pm


"i cut thru haters like razors thru crack.."

Me, RamsHorn, and Mike made treats last nite. Fun, and slightly tasty, the smoke was better, it was a fast production just dusting, nutella, and grahm crackers plus some heat.

Today, i suppose i'm not doing much, though quite possibly making a sign "TODAY MLKjr was assasinated at 6 pm in Memphis TN 40 years ago" to hold on OldShell Rd at SHC. Pride Fest is going on in Mobile dwn twn for today, Sat and Sun. I am surely going to be down tomorrow, though there is a dance party at Bbos tonight, though, i don't really want to get into THAT.

now, ihave to take my car into the Swedish Auto shop,.. another ph call... i have now a 240 Vuvlo 1990,.. and then back here, shower, sign make, something..

listening now to REAL GONE tom waits..



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