11:27 pm


aHughhhrhrhrhh...!! this fucking thing, this maladjusted defunct body thing! i have such a small rash (it spells B-e-a-t in a genetic way) WHICH is not the problem. THE skin around it is FR E A KING out! god damn why jeebus, fuck fuck fuck. SO i'm dealing with it by making intonation like the one at this post's origin.

I walked in the PRIDE PARADE for mobile holding a sign "BEFRIEND YOURSELF & OTHERS" , "KEEP MOBILE TOLERANT". fun.

now for a story:

i ran around Funk the War in Dc 2008 march. i saw the FRT soldiers looking like assasins, MEN without wills of their own.

shit ,, this fucking skin is sue is tooo lfucking lfmuch f jkljalhahg h ghgh ghhfah gh agh aahhg


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