11:06 am


Here. This is Murphy High School's computer time. I've found the energy to type down this entry before 3rd block, African American Lit. Only the energy; I did not have to put much effort forward to leave the fountain courtyard where scensters and the crazy people which I've befriended eat lunch or don't.

Last night's class was exhausting. I must study for my-self. Teaching without texts does not suffice.

I don't have a lot of homework tonight. I took the French Unit 1 test last block. So, after school I will go to the Pillars, turn in the application, dwell in sadness at the voice of maria of Azure Ray, eat a tiny apple, read around MLK's a. B, read some of the Lamp, and memorize a verse from the great Santideva's work. Afterwards, .... bound to Molly's, -- 7:00 o'clock this evening. It will bring a cry for warmth, and it would be wise not to die in the process.

Love, "fair women", NoW, what did

Kingsley say


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