4:09 pm


(written as a newborn child)

Enter Venus

So she lied down upon me
what to do?

Question sudden imaculate
virgin knew my eyes
When rampant sweat in
turned view to the sky...

So beauty was manifested
She pulled on my pants
unconcious past live's
innocence I did not have a clue...
I squirmed, wiggled
my hand shot up her skirt
passionate fruit in flowering juice
appetite formed. Languid tongue.


There's no trail in space,
no outside contemplative.
People are smitten
with complications,
but devoid of complication are
the Tathagatas.

There's no trail in space,
no outside contemplative,
no eternal fabrications,
no wavering in the Awakened.

-Dhammapada, 254-255, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu


(written as a adolescent)5/3/03 9:19 pm

Silohettes of dragon feet
Is this an omen for good?
Slowly sweat down vignettes
Does she hold you like she should?
Close-up now on the queen of the Sunday Ball
How tall shall we prepare the man?

Resin falls on the genteel's bald heads
It is feeding time for these poor knaves
Slop on top, pulled down hats,
Clean. No! Dirty agendas.

Summertime can be so fun....
While it lasts.
Drink and spit must be contagious. Though,
now I don't heed to their nonsense.
Master of all time must be dealing cards,
The 'rope' always gets around
Yet,sometimes people choke
and never realize the game.

'How far to the tragic boulevard?
I would really like to see it.'
'Well.... It's right over there!
Silly of me not to see it.'

Always enchanted slight imago
Cool me certain rays
Faced the whim of stretching farce
Which has brought me to today.

Queen, My eyes
How so many journies were unadorned
Light my flame and disperse it out
So someone may remember my name!
Fool, fool if only you knew
Life is full of riches
Staunch perception
deeply imbeded inside of you........


.............................. Chistmas Rolls


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