6:17 pm


i created a cassarole out of - saltines
- eggplant
- cheese
twenty minutes .. - ragu
- crushed
. olives
- shredded
. spinach

too do day in WuV with me in everybody:

Valentino dropt his pants,
all the girls & boys laughed."HAR HAR",
Cupid smiled, took a chance,
diamond blade, flower poses;

Aphrodite shat in her pond,
Father wind nudged her neck,
Zeus arrived, said what the heck?
"Where is this 'love' in all my monde?"

No one cared for Romeo,
or his pal Horatio,
Bunch of drugs to kill their woe,
or have some fun, this is not done,-,

a pinch of gold, a jug of everclear,
light of day, a drop of beer,
2 much time, not enough, it is ever
better in the rough:-: calm ecstacy!

Create in whim, found a friend,
slightly stupid, good for me!

facts: car is in flux now. a leak. (etc?) needs fixing, or replacement?

- Patty has a date with Matt (she said it's not really a valentine???) that sux i suppose. she deserves a whole person by her side. not a half wit inside her.

love, love, love, casserole is allmost done, i'm going to go get the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, give ms CLEO a val compilation CD, & return and eat eat eat,



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