2:46 pm


fashion fascist. faulted loary. patentend accident. only you loser this. once macon county Riding his tall horse black white underspine. book nothing glueless pages playing at winds baying. purposeless pupil jaunts eagle wings into notebook feeling assistants fast glare upon fresh grown neck fleh hair follicles. alt-return to beginning of gods' land fetish party.
love dauns a violently aincent crusade to save gantura from its populas. naked thought runs rambling down broad street. had hidden piston pistol in brain matter. veriabley occidental material definition mata mother machine mechanism. quiet afternoons in july i sit here in front of computer screen flat horizons of golden magnetized lint lift up across the bed frame of ultimate awakened desires dawn capote' sarrs. Inefermeral spelling-mistakes me for uttersalvation start ctrl-alt-delete. party began an hour ago, and punch bowl completely drained. shroom tea in huge glass jar circle the room in a sqaure way total nursery for lost craters of visual stimulants and eye pours gentle rythm, volatile. still in chair toking glass pipe, wondering off a cliff. easy does it mr. sam. there is no way to become a symbol for out of this except through divine tricks: beer, coffee, & cigarettes. poisons works fine if you make it clear to the cosmos death is F12. all these illnesses when we just be illin. HOME END

macarbe circus wheel of destiny import me into your stars. finally a tru herstory.


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