E.V. invited everyone to swim at her complex's pool or some similar arrangment. Sane said she'd go but probably wouldn't swim. I was about it, but declined since Sane & I were together for the night. Anyhow, I already though of going to The Saint, a bar a few blocks down from Half-Moon on St. Mary's St. All the chicos left; Sane and I went out back to enjoy a smoke. Quickly we decided to get out of there, and go to the Saint. The bar had a 10$ tab policy so Sane ordered two beers, which we then poured in plastic cups, and went on our merry way. We reached the Saint in N.O. time. Once inside we saw there was a dance party w/ dj. We jumpt in the photobooth and worked our glorious pretty majick faces. I think we're cute togther. Anyhow, quickly there after we exited the building after doing the "thisisawkward" dance for 10 seconds. And what do we find? A short stoop to rest our asses on, and talk talk talk. I enjoy conversing with Sane like woah!


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