definable is how it was..
lessening this pang in your right-eye..
get able, friends, i love you now ever..

return to the streets and sinister Steady has my left-arm in his. Th/s black gutter, an oil slick has puddled around an angels body. It has foam at its orange lips. Looks to still be alive.
we all Are deserted. eventually we may all Be recovered. And I disregard Duality. my existence mocks my ideas. I am a wretched lech, and I enjoy .. this.

We, Steady & I, wail and laugh in a contingent romance. I am bold. I remove my black knee length coat, lopping it over the angel's head full of spiders.

Then, in a second, as S & I stood under a street light, perched against a brown brick wall, Lazy came along. She kissed S, then he kissed my for too long. I felt uncomfortable with his tongue in my mouth. It was dry at first then started bleeding , and I didn'
t like that so much. Patiently, then done with that, and I took a bite of a joint Lazy had burning near by, and the music conjured a feeling equal among us three, and we entered the barr..



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