do not know why i am writing in this. thought i just should. had an urge too. a passing feeling grasped. my only holy intention in forming a script for her:

1 month, 2 months i've been seeing Sane, holding Sane, k*ssing Sane, f*cking Sane, loving Sane, BEING with Sane. She is beautful and I reside in eternities of broken streets, of endless feasts.

School is dull, or say "routine" since It Is, no way around that. Through. Sprinting in the jungle, wasps in my curls, ants racking my ankle flesh, call me out to archaic horizons, i will strap my dirtyboots on. And then we can storm these hills, enters this beach like from before, to sail forward to reach infinity's absolution.

Oh Sane, Oh me, how can I keep it from you. Does it exist? I keep it from you. It must be broached but how. "Oh, i've been by the psyward twice, and all, seen a lizard at an end of tunnelage, and watched with the eyes of god, and Now has the government pay me for being insane enough to not help myself to strife."

HO! land...

what of these fancifully fresh & frivolous funny phenomenas...


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