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anyone else interested in the spiritual path?
i invest in it in between time junctions
so did i in my early days
i got this tiny tele' unit, which i can move my investments with, lose track of them
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bye ppl
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any group discussiopn
ajt, are you interested in the spiritual path?
hi any one here
yes very much
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i am right now on that path
not many people are
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do you follow any religion ajit?
hi gays who wanna makelove with me MSN CAM
hi gays who wanna makelove with me MSN CAM
there's like 58,000 paths or sometin (according to shakymuni so i heard)
what is that path Ajit1?
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we know only of one parth
the 8 fold path
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i got rid of abou
you sound like the koran
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did you get rid of cool as well?
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any sex girls from mumbai?
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was abou too bossy?
what is the 8 fold path jaygt;
we were prvt about Allah, one god, etc.., i asked him what Allah believed,.. and he left
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starting from Right View or Right Understanding
'i'm all about presence '
and what is the " right view"?
And what is right view? Knowledge with regard to dukka, knowledge with regard to the origination of dukka, knowledge with regard to the cessation of dukka, knowledge with regard to the way of practice leading to the cessation of dukka: This is called right view.
And this is your view, not something you have been told or indoctrinated with?
you're a Sutra ist then?
views are views, get ride of em
this is not my view it is buddas first sermon
he's my BOIY, Nargujuna YEAH YEAH
buddha laid the manual, but Nargajuna drove the bitch
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anyone know what i'm saying?
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The only "right view", is what we presently regard as being reasonable in our present understanding. Truth is always ahead of our so called" beliefs" and need to be updated
have you ever read Nargajuna n g?
or listened to RadioHead?
That is not to say that we can't believe in truth. just that we must be aware that we may be proven wrong
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all you are is all that's me
truth is just a word
If we all felt that way the moment, then we would have nothing to discuss
"use the force luke"
which is where where were at. words , from thoughts, from desires, from confusion, from "I", from words, from desires, ...
what are you on moment?
i'm not a zenist, or whatever,
a computer
i'm implicating the cycle
nothing else?
samsara illusion trip
i had a short cup of coffee
what are you on?
I ask again, is there anyone really interested in the spiritual path?
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i'm on the spiritual path. What are you a teacher?
hi i am an thai english teacher
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no, just want a reasonable conversation
yeah, well shoot,.<>
Don't think so
any one want to chat?
i'm open 24/7
why not? give me a chance
I'm sure you are a very nice person, but not on my wavelength
Teddy, are you up to a sensible conversation?
i was once back 2002, i still can be!
ha ha
live the moment
getting late here, better hit the sack
cya later
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! carreraGT
anybody alive hee?
how are u?
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getting early here


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