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I am sorry if my latest e.mail sounded sensationalist...I didn't plan on it sounding that way. I was just very upset about Dennis being in the hurricane, though perhaps now I think he will be all right. It's hard to know since we are more than 7,000 miles away, but I have been thinking about him a lot and trying not to cry, but that is difficult because I love him so much. If you hear anything from him, please let me know.

There were 2 blasts somewhat near us yesterday, which is somewhat terrifying, but supposedly they were intended just to scare people and not harm civillians. Who knows. Alls I know is what a fucked up time to be trying to leave! We are trying to lay low. Anthony is sick AGAIN with a high fever, so he is in bed and I am trying to give him some peace by keeping Journey away so he can sleep and hopefully get better before we have to get on the plane. Well, that is if the planes aren't abondened by then. God I fucking hope not. The train engineers (who drive the trains...not sure if they are actually called engineers) abandoned their positions and left the tracks in protest the past couple of days to join the PAD. PLEASE read my post on myspace I just posted about what has been going on here (so I don't have to type everything all over again). :)

Don't worry about us, I think overall we will be safe. Though, people know that the main source of income is tourism and for the tourist sector to take a serious and very real "blow" would be detrimental in many ways. Waiting and feeling like sitting ducks have come to mind, but what can you do? Just pray to Jeebus nothing will happen and that peace talks will be engaged soon.

I tried to call you recently to let you know we're all right. I hope you are, too!! Please tell hello to Steph for us and Journey says she loves you guys "soooo much". Can't wait to be home and out of hell.

Your PLP,
Captn. Sumi


sumandhi Fox
to lesli

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Hey lady,
Dennis sent me his phone number today!~
Love you!



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