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today: i : went to Alyson's (Amy Lyon's , Jackson Pugh's, Colleen Francis's, Chris Kobeljha's) Graduation ceremony of SHC. The 2008 class walked down the Avenue of the Oaks to sit at the white sided house at the end. Arch Bishop Lipscumb (soon retiring this month) gave a ~ impromptu closure few words after all the bachleors (Arts, Science, Nursing) got their diplomas or whatever, and the few master went through. After the end of the ceremony the class recessed to the old library building for a group photo. .... <|a certain duration|> .. i met alyson, her boyfriend cain, her mother, aunt, and two other adults at Callaghan's Irish Pub. praised dionysous for free free, and had many laughings... oh the weather was so beautiful today. My mother is glad today.. id idn't even give here a gift (lost the essential product to finish the present, but will give it sooner than later). Infinity Incorporated : "

REmember, html helps that, 2 remembER.

e. smith, -- whatever (folk song in C)

mood : shit!!!



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