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Double (Dragon) post - false - Hex Vex Sex
Feb. 17., 2008 | 09:49 am
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somethis 7 2 3 say one thin mu wei um nith eno yas 3 2 7 sihtemos

(did go sane last night. it was horrible. my friends and I got coffee at carpe this morning. it was cool. we watched this cool new show called "Nothing" with Suzanne Pleshette. My friend Stacy has a crush on her. I cried watching ESSM yesterday. That movy is my FAV. I can't figure out how to use my I - pod. the help section isn't helping. i guesee i can/ not? work it out from here. No one I know wasn't more than a user today. Everyone depended on "someone else" ? to program + upload data. It connects, synchronizes completely, yt wtf!>`?)
even asked:

"You been up all night?"
"Just up here"

thougt to say brilliance , well, not!!!

...people always say....

Tags: chaos, defamation, love, mirror, symbols, theory
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