i did not want to write before having coffee and a cigarette as demoraled allies. We as humans are spoiled in the making, for instance my carpal tunnel is acting up (i tried to find a synonym), but not hardly.

Mexico for another 4 months. It is a good life. I must live on the skids, but prefer it this way. I want to.

Met a person here, by the name of Meem. So Ari is a good friend now, but there is a tragic amount of sexual tension, however she is a spirit-mate of mine so i am going to try my damnest to foster a creative and spiritual relationship if possible.

Guanajuato in two days, there a return to stalking and dreaming. Has been a relatively long stay in rationality, and now is time.

If Meem was my lover, i do not know, but I do know! I would take her with me, and let her go. She wants to be wanted, and me too. The current situation is hectic for her. (She is just now seeing her family in mexico after 10 years, and making contact with her father for the primer time.)

If it happens, let it enter my spirit mercilessly. In the end, I am content to have had Meem respark and remind me of the journey, and my mission.


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