A Cosmos has it in for me. i went on the red bike ride last nite starting at 630 leaving from the Ivy house/anarchist collective. I gave out lavender to some of the riders. We headed down to the W. side esplanade and got a history of the longshoreman union memorial (which is a dock set against and possibly under the retaining wall. It's to the left of the maritime museum/steam boat). Anyways i met Peter there, told him to come along with us. Found he lived in N. Portland, so later on me, a friend of his, Doc the tb rider, an Irondelles member, jeff from Vanc BC, and that was it rode to NE around failling and 16th, where the ID girl lived, waited left with out her, blah blah blah, gave Peter my number for later hanging out. He's great. He enjoys spliffs. Anyhow, that was later on b/t 9 and 10. The interesting part, dunh dunh DUNh..

so I met a girl who was with her companion around kerby and ainsworth on monday/tuesday when I was going to the bus to go pass off an application. They were trying for a hitch to 24th and Ainsworth. Something made me stop there, quite possibly my own intent/volition. She gave me a stem of bloomed lavender. i wished them well...

And the red bike ride ended at Red and Black Cafe' which is around belmont and 13th now. It was a really short tourview. ...

The goddess I had met 2 days before was there sitting on a table playing guitar. I had lavender on me. When I saw her I turned around, got the one stem I had left in my pocket, and gave it to her. She was so elated she gave me a hug. During our shared moments an intensness manifested, and a sort of chaotic romance. She related to me that her mother was Haitian. Also, her dads name was dennis when she discovered my name. " Did I know any other languages?" she asked. i got my words together and said " J'etude francais".
We looked at a song she had written in her notebook, An Haitian french one. She was so close to me, glancing at me with the greenest eyes. I asked her if she had been through Nola. I said " It is the most horrible place on earth", after which, i added, when her and the other girl at the table who'd just sat down remained listless, " Its Horribly beautiful i mean". She hugged me again, we sniffed up each other, and kissed lightly. She likes to write letters. I do to. This happening was the most romantic possbility come my way in a while. Universal fatality of the Moment, Je t'aime.


Dea' man keep haunting me,
You hear me shout?
Cars go by. Every city
the same; concrete
on dirt, constructions,
alot or little.

Slaves of One God keep on
preachin' at me, the don't
know why the sky weaver.
I am the seasons changing

May your travels be annointed with joy Marie. You are a prism of all that is.




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