Patty is leaving today. i hope she stays a way forever. She says she is returning in December. Really, though, i don't want to see her again, because I love her too much, and she has said she 'is in love w/ me', but is always becoming non-existent. She can't be one person. The person she chooses to be causes me to be anxious. And confused.

+ I am going to bicycle polo today at Crawfurd park offf ANN street in midtown.

= Also, Patty & i hung out at the after party for the 5th(?) Alley Cat race. It was fun. Bob Ross showed up, and did a private show for everyone on the porch. We also went to Jason's party on Laffyette Street. It was a spectacular presentation of the mobile gay scene (i imagine??) , great catering (homemade food??), and beautiful people.

- It ended around 4 am at AMB. i hate that place, tho find myself there whenever i go downtown. hmm..
so, i managed to get 4 ph#s, dance off for about 3 hours plus water breaks, commingle with the berwicks, see PW, get names of 25 people or so, saw lauren Byrd, and hmm.. well,



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