5:33 pm


angels and albatrosses = qauntic u brought jessica (deathtojess) with you to see Alyson Gamble yestereve at Carpe Diem. She arrived at 555 pm. You, jess, and Aly talked for and hour plus about relationships. Aly and you were both concerned about Patricia.
You saw Brian , again spontaenously in the hallway leading to the men's WC. Once a year do we pass by each other's live. After Aly left, you an jess went to pop white sky halves, and returned to Carpe to sit with brian speaking of art, personal matters, and of reaching the Mercury year at age 22. Before Merc is Mars from 15 to 22 is a time of fighting and rebellion says Brian.

Later on, jess/me left to go take BlU skY halves going from there to the Springhill Cemetary where we had a photoshoot. Also, i showed jess some sentimental places for me there, and spoke of memories. We like each other.
She lives in ()hburn. I live in M.O.B. }| She has a boyfriend there.
I have myself everywhere. WUV WUV WUV


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