10:19 pm


dear diary,
today i went to an Earth Day celebration on the campus of Springhill College, jesuit school of the south, upon the courtyard of the new library. The sun was fully showing, dancing with a bright attitude just at the hour of 3/afternoon. There was a 'market' named "Springhill's Farmers Market" beneath a canopy, with 7ish displays of different labeled 'local' vegetables. There was a band, in front of a white chapel, playing covers. i saw a middleschool mate , Ryan, and gave him my minizine. Also, i grabbed a big zucchini, a carrot, and a tomatoe. All fresh.
I played chess with Ramsey today, beat him at it, which was oddly disatisfying and satisfying. strage for me to win. i had cereal this morning (granola/circleOs/soy milk), a spliff, and some water. I did wake at 2 pm, so not others' mornings, but my own.


p:Ls i didn't use my car today or cook. and tried to keep the power off, which this post attests to how well i executed it.


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