Scoring: Every 5 rolled counts 50 points. Every 1 counts 100. If a triple (three of a kind) is hit on a single roll, it scores 200 points for 2's, 300 for 3's, 400 for 4's, 500 for 5's and 1000 for 1's. A triple can be made any time during a players turn so long as three or more dice are still in play, not necessarily on the first roll. Obviously, triples come in very handy when trying to reach the first 500 to get into the game. Remember if three 1's or 5's appear on different rolls during the course of a turn, they are not counted as a triple but as 100 or 50 points each. When fewer than three dice are left, only 1's and 5's are good, but there is an incentive to keep rolling. If a player can make all six dice count, all accumulated points are immediately added to his/her score and the turn continues with a fresh roll of all six dice risk-free. In addition, there are three "big scores" that can be made only on an initial roll as all six dice are needed. Three-pair is worth 1500 points. A straight counts 3000 points. Six of a kind on one roll scores 10,000 resulting in an instant win! I never got one.


Watching ''Dr. Phil'' episode on how to save money.

i am quite finished with hearing "... such a bad economy right now " etc. No money made, none spent. Works for me, now.

O! the' GREAT ''freedom from money" (picture of young kid with busted shoes, matted hair, ..smiling trully)

Walmart is closest thing to an idea of 'evil'. i do not necessarily believe in the concept. Though, the active principle in in a way, realilty (factual). 1, they don't allow a union of their employees (they have the most employees in the USA), 2, Negate Integrity of the products they sell (because of the buying power the have..


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