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break U.P.

last night, : ; LODA (lower Dauphin (St)) Art Walk from 5- 10pm.

I made art to "sell" on currogated cardboard. Acrylic drawings on spraypaint of 'historic' celebrities.

I found Chris, smoked some haze up on thehill above the springhill cemetary.
Alls good stuff in the south.

Then, we both preceded dwntwn around 720ish, w/ me driving, a trunk&backseat full of cardboard,
and a 9 piece lil' pile of my 'art' work, and a stick of incense. Plus, the
kings of convenience were on the sound comp., and we were allready at the Shell Gas Station, Ten $ on One, i said that, ..., tank cap fell off the trunk into 5 lane SPRinghill AVE, i pulled over at StarFX, ran out onto it,
got the cap, and preceded driving DWNTWN. I kept getting stopt by all the characters within a block, rap cd`s for six dollars, " i'm tryin to make some monies my self" ... ''YeAH, i see ya.." " I've got these lil' wall hangings .. there for 5$/obo/or for trade" .. "YeAH, i feel ya" ..
and my brother in compactdiscs, passt me some change, and voiced his repspect for my hustle, " Same to you" .. ..
or abouts
.. ..

Setdown upon a Cathedral SQ bench, --
= fastest painter alive? was working w/
really terrible local band playing good covers poorly. Talked to two "nice-young" ladies, One of them said she wanted a peice but didn't have any money on her, so.... dada..

i had gotten a pouch of tobacco. i was rolling chris and me ciggarettes thru the night, till catherine showed up, and i painted a small bridge at jesus's tribes venue in be buildings tween on a canvas a vietnamese guy painted a bull on, &ahouse,&ariver,
saw Buffy, how sweetly i miss her rareset company , saw Mr. Green, and a Miss, .., lythia perhaps, and met someone named Leela (circular universe chaos essence strain). Now i didn't make any money WHich was not the point, rather testing the scene of Art Walks, and hanging out.
... ......... . . . . All MADE IN TIME ...

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