A story about fun/ a STORY about fun/ a story ABOUT fun/ a story about FUN.

Yesterday, was Saturday nite; I went on a third date. We were going to meet off Carrolton at the MidSummer Mardi_Gras parade, yet I was running a tad late. and at 11:33 I met Sara~sane at her house in Uptown. She was _real_ cute in sandals, jeans, and a gray t shirt with sun on it. And was ready to go meet her best friend E.V. at Half-moon bar&restaurant on St. Mary St. We rode for what seemed like ever, backtracking about 3X, and finally reaching our destination at.. 12:23. We locked our steeds and dragged our po' selves inside. [On the ride there we intermittently talked about how we were poor, using genteelish accents occasionally: (as we passed some Aristocrats on Pyrtania) i quippt "Oh Stevenson, pour me some more Whyne!", "Well, of course, Miranda.". Just before this rib S. was telling me about how people carry full wine glasses with them while they walk their dogs in the Garden District. (OhTheHilarity!! HAHA)]

Inside we ordered some beers and took our seats at a corner table where E.V., her roomie, John the gov't contractor, Chris, and a woman whose name is ?. dah dah dah, E.V. told us about how she and her roomie ordered The Asian Salad and the Fiesta Salads at A.Bs and she forecasted the orders being mixed-up upon delivery, giving the Asian Salad to her (Asian eth.) and to The Fiesta Salad to her roomie (Hispanic eth.).

- S. and i discussed MUSIC: sqaurepusher, elliot smith, animal collective, etc. Also, I don't remember, I believe John, and E.V. we're talking usually.

_ John knocked over all the beers on the table!!! I said "I smell like beer now Bro!" I'm not sure if he know it was a joke. He seemed to feel bad about it, and apparently ordered a large basket of cheez fries for the table. John's cool!@!


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