to date, i've hosted 5 venturers off couchsurfing.com. Also, I managed to find 4 trainhopping/hitching wanderers to invite into my complex/space. So fun! My newyears was spent with the first two trainhoppers. We jumpt the wall behind AMB into the patio area for the NY eve party. Bobaba was there also. When they left Bobaba went with them. He may be returing soon. SSI may be coming through soon. SSdi is for sure in two weeks. My life is composed of book reading and venturing out to Dauphin Island's bird sanctuary at 2am. Sean was taking photos. There was a sound akin to a machine singing coming from out in the gulf. We were on a pier at a lake. the moon is threedays into waning, so there was ample light to give an effect of being in a dream world. Usually all my dreams are overcast shadow lands by the way.

So, the couchsurfers have all been fine so f a r ...

Adrien, Scott + Rachel, Mary Jane + Dawuud (crystal grid network/sage).

Everyone has been from or heading to the west coast, including Miss D'auria who I hosted me in New Orleans. WOW!


I persistenly remain fawning over Candace by sending her poetry byway of e-mail. She has yet reply. I'm so fond of her it is painful how unrequited it seems for now. She's just getting out of a 3year girlfriendship. Also, she told me off, "burning a bridge" as she said. I told her "I love you", which doesn't go over well usually. Heavy phrase in our culture. OHHH how i am reminded of the evident! We also rubbed genetalia, kissed, .. i performed cunningulus on her, etc.. I shared all that with her, plus we cried together (for existential reasons~), hung out alot..

I have been a little ridiculous sarcast as of the last two months. Or more. It made me deplorable to some friends, which I am attempting to rectify by working on myself.

Though, I NEED Candace in my LIFE. I just don't think she thinks anyone need her...


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