9:50 am


i'm that guy you like,
i'm not that things you get startled by: a face like a pointy dance mask.
you must be the signal that it is a chance to leave your company. we can't comprehend each-other, you are, then, like ever compromising justice - judging - securing a story of my non-existent future - i feel you're weird. Do not you feel the same for me?

ACHingly beautiful, and you scared me for you are a mirror, as ECHO, me acting in ignorance, such as there was a reverb over the line of our first conversations, i seemingly speaking to my own voice, repetitions like torturous infinity, and not even meaning to be sad. Your image memory kills a part of me, as you must've been a reaper, a sparrow faking human, a totality of creation i can't fake a belief for.



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