maybe i will work tonight, finish reading another book,
'voluntary madness' by norma. The final paper of my degree
was submitted, like that, passively, and perhaps itll pass,
i can hope. then i'm free to dog down on web-dev once more,
at last to get the website published for ronan and i, Fabrikat,
and i can travel, and do so many things in utter freedom.
a brenzy horoscope said i would get rich this year,
the card was solitude, which is a perfect description of where i'm at
and where ive been for the last year. is it already january?
2021 or whatever, lets hope i can ignore it! even more so,
that what is outside is somewhat frivolous, can i work tonight?
can i polish off the website, and bring it to fruition? sure.
i need to buy a blender, frozen fruit, almond milk,
i honestly haven't been eating enough fruit
since i got here, shqipëria, it lasted a long time,
just to go asunder, broken into a new world,
without tradition, or rather old ones replaced
by the traditions of materialistic dreams,
of a materialistic hell scape. The language is coming
for me, and i will travel a bit, and speak to locals,
though first, the blender, and a black puffy coat,
and maybe jeans, or something, though if i stick to the coast
the frost will barely touch me. ive thought about returning to burrel,
though its subfreezing, i wouldn't have a good time,
yet if i bundle up enough, who knows, maybe a four day stint,
a hair cut, a convening with Adam, a stay at his cottage, just next
to an old commie tunnel.


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