stuck to coffee, luke-warm, today has ended as it begins,
my head itches, thanks to two pizzas in two days,
two hot chocolates, this is a nod to the dairy industry

i don't go deep into it, i don't catch big fish,
like lynch would say, sit and daydream,
i have lost time, but have not caught boredom

what perilous limbo do i reside in?
maybe the tattoo is in order, and a haircut,
i told her, i tire of being alone, but not of the loneliness,

it is still January, and still raining, o great Albania,
such heavy clouds stick in the atmosphere, hovering,
he told me, where strong wind currents push them away,

edit: in reference to my region

just after i mentioned, that i prefer a subtropical rain,
two hour downpours in afternoons, then sun and joy,
before and after, forever

do i miss the gulfcoast, and people there, and a feeling,
i dreamt of them last night, walking through a grey carnival,
my brother too quick for me, my reveling father at a glance


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