i'd rather not have closure,
just keep going at it, on & on,
forever, even surpassing death,
as i have already surpassed life,
i revel in the upper-levels.

nela is moving, and i'm on hold,
to go get the remainder of my belongings,
to close that account, and not engage
with her ever again unless she contacts me
and says that she is paying me her debt

maybe i won't forget it, a lesson learned,
false freaks are few, and i can't take them
as true, people that front, and i get hyped,
thinking theyre the real deal, at the end
wasting years hoping to share with them.

here in durres i subsist on a modicum of beauty
and droll out a chaotic routine. i really don't know
if i will make it, some sort of career in order
to save money and get a house, and a car,
and spin right back into conventional freedom
that i've been already enjoying for 15 years.


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