i tried to escape Tirana, so i'm in Durres, i tried to get an airbnb,
which was bunk even though they charged me, so i crashed
at Oliver's, sleeping sheetless in a single bed that must be
where his dog Felix sleeps usually. i'm helping him get his car
in order, new tires, insurance, some kind of technical control
done once a year. Something similar exists in California,
and New York. Në Alabama, jo. Do të fle një herë tjeter në
këtë shtrat i qenis, do shkojme ne 'klaudimi' ne oren 10 ne mengjes,
pagoj sigurimi, dhe do kthehem ne Tirana. Maybe paying out
for Oliver is not the best idea, but i can get him to help me learn
to drive better, a la 'driving school', and he said i can borrow
the car for two months. i'm not sure if i'll go that long with it,
but its an opportunity. Maybe i'll buy a piaggio too. Anyways,
long road to heaven or hell in Albania, i'll be in Burrel or some
small town soon.


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