i saw her there, young as she was, fresh faced, at the disperal of a funeral,
which was apparently held in a the clearing of some woods. The ground was
clean with short grass, the air was clean, my vision was clean, and in this dream i saw for the first time in color. Chainsaw couldn't speak, but I understood, at first she didn't notice me but then she did, I asked her where she was, which it wasn't heaven, so I deduced from her facial expression, along her dewy, unwrinkled face
tears were about to drop. I had seen writing on her bare back before I went to greet her. So before the dream ended I went behind her to read, and not finding anything legible on her back I read the shirt, which changed its text and font once. At first it started .. "forenight... or forelight ..." i had tried to memorize the 3 lines before it changed, but failed. Then it changed, and it was "like, now, act ..." but I also forget, and anyhow the text was 300 or more words painted down her shirt's back in tight cursive.


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