its a slow morning waking here on the island. i did some sun salutations, took a shower and am now drinking coffee. i felt a tiny rage as i was drying off, about my obsession with nela, and i thought i just want the 500 dollars back, and
i can forget about her. anyhow, i should deactivate instagram again, and just focus on programming and language study
for the rest of the year. if i move to albania again, i'm considering holding up on the edge of a sea town or making a retreat
inside the country, at some cottage, or likewise, to forget the world, to an extent. my final term began yesterday, saturday.
the view from my parent's home is amazing, and beautiful and all. the trees across the water are vibrant in the sun then dark
under the shade, the romance of light and shadow in the eternal becoming, the effervescent show, always bubbling up and
dispersing. i'm returning to mobile within, the hour, returning to kristen's house where i'm rooming for now. i will be dance in the scourge of time, i feel like coming back to buddhism, and praying and practicing the techniques and
appropriate attitudes that are necessary for transformation. i grow tired in the twilight, my spirit grows weak, as a lose
my soul i once created, i must renew it, discovering again the structure and intent.


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