So I sleep in the room that my uncle Mike died in, 4 or 5 years ago.
This morning I dreamed he had returned, there were more than a few people gathered infront of the Cedar's house, and there was Mike in center of them. He was taller, wide shouldered, with a beard, and a large scar down his chest where he had been opened up for heart surgery. He had survived a few heart attacks and had a pace maker installed for the last decade of his life.

I got up close to him, and was suspicious. He spoke a bit differently, and the man wasn't really Mike. As minutes passed he got younger, until he was just a boy.

We were inside then and the boy mentioned something that made me think he was a clone, or some reanimation of something related to Mike's existence. Strange dream.

In another dream I was caught at a college's protest when I was dropped off by a cute blonde. It was a protest of silence, a teacher put her hand to my face and I couldn't breathe. I removed her hand and placed my own only over my mouth.


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