I might have picked up covid, went to a party for the fourth, and there was someone there later who had might have had it, though after i left, then i returned to that house last night, and Andrew worked with the guy all day, and maybe i simply caught the virus from being present there, 18 hours ago.

Well, anyhow, I guessed that I would get it after I left the isolation of the Island.
But maybe I don't have it. I will self-isolate for 10 days, and see what's up. I will get a test if it is free somewhere. Lots of Americans, i can assume, prefer to be relative non-believers, and/or don't understand communicability, and just live on fully, without patience or forbearance.

This global pandemic has become boring, and annoying, that I can't go ahead with my plans, yet it provides some time to really look at programming and perchance learn it some.


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