Satori was definitely closed, though i stormed through the unlocked door,
not reading the sign in the glass, ''we are closed for two weeks, I just put up the sign." I sad "I'm sorry to hear that" and left quickly, glancing at the sign as I turned back into the parking-lot. It must have been a death in the family. What else, with times like these.

Across the street I paid a buck net for a large community coffee, a cute indian
took my dollar. There's a mask order in this city, but she didn't wear one.
Live and let live. Or die and let die. Whatever.

The morning is still breaking, and I've got to get to work:

gloss 1+,
js datastructures,
js course,
Italian convo tutor

Will I make it? Stuck inside of Mobile played on the radio as I was out there.


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