i can't open q10, so i'll check it in here:

after three in the morning
i made coffee and took an anti-alergerico,
what more of this presentation do i seek,
then moments left alone and unlettered

the creature held deeply withing,
from a gamut to a beggar
from unknown missals, and planned religiosity,
copper fountains, and the ladies that whisper in rome,

when i close my eyes,
i see the outline of a screen,
white bordered and black centered,
glass works drums into my ear network, brain ooze,
doubled existence, i open my eyes, empty sockets,
place in my eyes, flesh and tendrils, optic opulence,
the light of day is nonexistent, only the computer shines
into my face now, forever more, for now and entonces,

the past caught in darkness, a moment flashes
the future glitters, like a carrot to the mule,

like how to keep going,
when the storm and all other storms have passed
i take a sip of coffee, hit the electronic vapor producing device,
my left ear is clogged, and my body is thinning, delgazando,
the song would seem
to end, but glass continues, raising the composition,
the orchestration,
so as it is written, i have written all of this,
all in its entirety,
with eyes shut,
and trembling sideways, looking for the keys that
are not there anymore,
not apparent, but once felt with every drop of
each finger, and the horns continue blasting,
repetitive, then nothing, end,
and the next song

what's next,
but why ask,
but be surprised)

// this is as much as i have written in one go, in so many months


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