this crown of existence,
just wait,

well everyone is freaking, not everyone,
an old man interviewed in Murcia had said
"espero que todos lo tienen, y que todos se mueren"
or something like that, I can't recall a verb, but
saved the meaning. How long has it been since I've written here?

that last line reminds me of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind',
and how I say it 4 times in theatres, and how i brought Francesca
there because I thought she was cute, and maybe that will be the only date
i ever go on with a black girl. i wonder if we kissed.

so maybe, just maybe i can't go to europe just now, though i just might,
but there is more pressing from the need to finish my course work,
and possibly buy into an inverse etf today,

the market is going wile with this corona stuff


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