Dog days still. No meaning involved.
My mind simply feels comfortable
repeating trite cliches, language users need not worry
over meaning if the effect is readily seen. oh how automatic have I become. As sun rises and falls, as earth plummets and trawls through the ether.

No sleep for the proud. Or for the internet obsessed. Let it be known I stayed up late before the advent of the restructuring. Society is now internet based. So it is. So what.

I will write more now, another report for Ronan, then a nap, then more running around

.. get shat from harry the mechanic, from the car he schemed away, get the substance (Optimum Nutrition Fiber) from Tony's porch, deliver books to Elizabeth Ann Trawich ..

I must really try to remember every event, every night, so to be attentive to every nuance of the waking dream sequence. The master clued me in. He told me to do that. I have not said the refrain every morning. He told me to stop looking. I must remember I have a head, he said.

He drew a circle and figures around me on D.I.

That is history.



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