I wrote another poem today.
There is a bump on my lip
after a 5 hour bar stay.
I hope it doesn't turn
into a cold sore. Yet,
I cannot not suspect it,
what with the inconclusive
reports. Yes, USA. No, MEX.
I want to believe the Mexi
can results from a 2nd
blood draw, however why
or how can it be assured..
well another blood draw
after some more waiting.
I might actually prefer
to have hsv on my genitals
.. i already have enough
looking at my mug every
day in the mirror. Not
that I am not handsome,
or something to look at,
but rather I am tired of
looking, and a red sore
and slight pain will be
another bother and remi
nder of mortality. Ohh
terrible reminders of
mortality. Bell chimes.

This week, discipline,
meditation with Eric
(philosophy prof I
met through the san
gha way back )
so i should review
a book today, work
on my final writing
task for school,
and hang my hamack
somewhere if i find
the time. ok.


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