Another day. Somewhat hopeful.
I tried to accomplish stuff.
I did some meditation and yoga.
I wrote a poem and drank wine.
Still must fill out the CDR form
and send it to SSA. I suspect they
will get a doctor to review me.
No worries, or trying to not have
any since I will simply adapt,
go over seas or down south most
likely and really work an english
teaching job, even if low payed.

I miss Ana. I don't see how I can
ever have her back. I totally
left an irremovable stain on
that relationship. She is
so lovely and sweet when not
hating on me. I was too
sensitive and playing the
victim for so long. oh well
I will do better now, unfortunately
without her.

My hair continues to thin now.
Fuck it really. I might add
some saw palmetto into my diet.
and going to the gym with
david, my stepdad, tomorrow.
First time in a gym in two months.

It will be a start of a 4 or 5 month
work out plan. Slow and steady,
and hopefully i come out stronger,
fitter, not fatter, and un-injured.

good night.


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