This is forced. Well, it is there written on the list,
Write: Diary
being the first activity of the category, then poetry,
then novel stuff,
Italian: assimil, vocab, skype/homework,
Read: Poetry, short sty, other, coursera

Well, it is forced. It does not run smoothly as my laxity. I am disgusted by effort. Art thou "I"? Me is simply the structured habits building upon themselves, weeping, wallowing, eating upon sorrows and new fears.

So I did a 5 minute meditation today. And I remind myself of the preciousness of a human life every day.

also, I'm out 64.70 + 29.95 + 24.95 this month. = debit card purchases. My goal being to save 500 usd from my ss monthly deposit. That, and Ana will be coming. She received approval for a us visa today, and will get it in the mail in 2 or 3 weeks.

She is a lovely and terrible person. So are women. At least she is not boring. She is firey. Maybe she is getting older / we all are / but she retains a beauty that gets me up and able to fuck her hard. So why not.

Let's not get offended by my statement that women are lovely and terrible, .. it is just that they turn corners quickly which is astonishing and god awful. Many people are boring really, though women in a relationship, especially latinas, are wondrous.


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