Last night I attend the annual christ/mass party of Mister Wagner. His daughter Caroline was there, an old friend of mine. It was enjoyable speaking with her and everyone. I began to flirt with M.E. and Constant, a dreaded photography student, when their boymen sat on the couch catacorner to where I was sitting with their 'ladies'. Ej: "When can I have a private showing of your photo exposition then?" She had just taken down the exhibit that day. She showed me some of her work on her smartphone, and it was pretty beautiful.

I drank soda (coke or sprite) and wine (wh. or red) until midnight, after which I got into my big truck and followed Lamar and Heather to the apt building at Ann and Dauphine. We then all carpooled, with Sean and Jason along, in Lamar's vehicle. Parked and entered the bar Alchemy, across from the Sanger building. Under a different name it was the second bar I had been into at the age of 15. Red Heather snuck me in there. She now lives a married life with daughter in Pittsburgh. Now it was the morning by then. Around 2 am. I am 27 years old, and thinking about whether I will see Lizard. I go outside to schmooz in the cold. Liz is walking up the sidewalk to my left. She was excited to see me, and I felt the same. What a solid premonition!.

The morning progresses. I increasingly kino* Liz, holding her back, touching my leg to hers, simply being with her, sensually and truly. She asks what the name was of my ex, and I tell her, "Gaby."

It was a pleasure to meet Kate (an ex of L's sister, Jordan). She decided to stay down south. New Hampshire was too cold for here. I cannot doubt the frigid tundraness of the state according to her bleak description of the culture and landscape for 8 months. Cold.

The End. At Hayley's. Liz says she has all Saturday free. She says she might message me. 50/50. And I am not worrying about it. It would be extremely gratifying to reminisce again, and jump in bed together more than once.


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