i am buying in

16 days, and i will upgrade to a Gold account. Why and how could i do this? i am a sell out.

i want my diary data on my hard drive without having to copy and paste every single entry from the last 10 years.

The Novel : brown rice instantly. This is what I am thinking about. This is what I am doing. End of story. Go live your own life.

.. and she was waiting to live hers ..

Further on .. No•where = Now Here.

So is my daily revelation.

The outline has been prepared - Bill said to Mary.
Our brother Thomas died this morning - Mary told Bill.

And i was really going there. Once upon a time. And now here 3 years to thirty, i feel lost and scared and hopeless. i wish this to be a wondrous, enchanted place and time. Perhaps it is.

Maybe the waiting never quits (is never over.)



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