-no he comprado uno porque no quiero uno de plastico- fin.

SMA becomes grey under the big black cloud swaying its stuff in once blue sky above.

earlier .. well .. anguish turns to doable.. and now again reassigned to the pacific oaxacan coast.

wait wait wait for me... help help help me... y so on...

rain surely comes now. it (i suspect)will await us in el DF. i can{t believe i am still with her. well i can because i am ,.. can{t be clichic now anylong.. well we are here together.. what_?

chains and more bearings as curses people heave onto each others´ bod-easssssseee.

how long since i have been really cut¿bled__--?

i want blood. i want feel. i want my smell in full return, everlasting.. blah glory.. fuck shit. there where that place began .. the wise stories are maniacs' ego triplogs. i lie. i never knew. you are the only one. i was a fish once. i was for heaven. with nothing more left. 7-11. beer, i mean the night rises and seperates me from sensuality.

the carress of her energy, OUR energy together.. me and the short boy. we have time. i{ll have none of it. thank you for lis... maybe one day. today. now. here. a flower. what{s your color? mine is like you, deep and transforming.

baby, say good night to me. the babies.. all the babies like us.. every human, all sizes of bebays.

ewww.. you{re lips. close my eyes. i wanted it once. now i am it. everything. all youse.


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