Awaking to the D.F, hummmm. Nothing new but the old smell again and the greeting of the work-crowd loaded onto the metrobus. The greeting of flesh, of stink, of moral ineptitude, and the -giving-up- of humanity for instant disposal. Whatever this means. I might not know. However, this time of departure arrives, and I go on forward to spanish school, though, now, when I have lost my care for learning this tongue, for so it is, my cruel brain, and my cruel english ancestors have joyously confronted history and spread ... like so much red ink... or something... who knowss... ofcourse i will make it out of this one without speaking spanish ... HAA! to what those pro-immersionints say... some laid out the warnings... which ofcourse I could not avoid... and HAA!!! a return to apathy... and the land of its birth. Two months to go... I count.


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