the primer place was a highrise apartment, nothing fancy, just doable, and people congregating on couches there. I left a message for myself, and listened to it on the answering machine. The message happened to be from someone inviting me to a new life. My love of the moment was hanging on some guy on the couch. I think I was bummed. I made a choice to go to this new life, or something like that, anyhow I ended up waking into another reality. And then I was in this soul-trainesque party... A stout short women with blond hair and a huge face was displaying her pussy while hovering across the floor just above the ground. She landed on someone. A thin woman with blond hair, a red skirt on, and rollerblades... i encountered her on a couch, grabbed her hand and we both started rollerdancing for a little while. ... We were on a high building. I asked her why she created this world. She said bobbie died or left her. And that they would have to change into the 90s soon. The current standstill era being about 1975. Apparently vintage 70s gear was becoming hard to acquire. She began singing a song by Fleetwood Mac or either it came into the local atmosphere. Possibly, Mirror in the Sky. Then, I hit street level, and saw a black man in a completely yellow dress suit, shirt, tie, walking out of a small store front towards the corner i was on. The place was like a small town, halfpopulated brooklyn. with bigger streets. I began to run and jump farther, then beginning to fly. Went under a metro bridge, then soon after was flying over a huge single level casino (with a glass roof, and then a field of solar panels. I was in the desert. I could not control my speed. Eventually, quite quickly in fact, I encountered the outskirts of the urban, which was a desert with mountains in the distance. When I was losing speed and tired I was over a field of dolphins planted in the ground just until there mouths were showing. They all had jagged teeth. I tried to not land on the ground because they would jump up and snap at me. I was so tired however. I managed to turn around, and fly back towards the city. I woke in my bunkbed, here in guanajuato, with my arms moving above me.


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